Trust us to take care of your aircraft while you focus on your next destination.

Aircraft Handling Services

Transfers between your aircraft and the security building are unavoidable at Zurich Kloten airport which is why we are
invested in making these steps as short and as comfortable as possible. We use the most modern ground
handling transport and equipment and work with local partners to guarantee the best service.  

Our services include:

- Assistance to the airport parking area
- Loading and baggage screening
- Towing and pushback services
- Aircraft servicing Interior and exterior aircraft cleaning
- Prefered fuel arrangement
- Apron escort and transport of crews and passengers
- AOG assistance
- Slot monitoring
- Standard weather briefing
- De-icing
- Customs and immigration assistance
- Valet parking
- Catering services

Airport Authority Assistance

Our staff are well versed in airport rules and regulations so that passengers and baggage will be safe and sound in our care at all times.​

The General Aviation Service Center of the airport authority is located on the ground floor of the GAC main building.
It is the „C-Office“ for General and Business Aviation and it is open daily from 5.30 a.m. to 10.30 p.m.

The „C-Office“ offers pilots following basic

- Meteo information system
- Electronic submission of flight plans
- Various manuals (AIP, VFR manual, etc.)
- Counter for VFR flight announcements
- Collection of landing charges
- Counter for reservation of VFR & IFR airport slots
- Counter for visitor registration
- Display board for arrivals and departures
- General enquiries
IFR airport slots can be booked directly through Cat Air Service.

Validity of Airport Slots
IFR/VFR airport slots have a margin of +/- 15 minutes.

In order to minimize delays and avoid rerouting to other airports, flights should
operate within the given margin. The introduction of the ACDM process at Zurich
Airport means that clearance may be refused if the difference is more than 15 minutes.

Collection of landing charges
Landing charges are settled via Cat Air Service AG.

Landing charges can be paid using CHF, EUR, American Express, Diners Club, VISA,
Mastercard or EC/Maestro.