Passengers, pilots and crew begin and end their journey with only the best services from our dedicated team.

For Pilots and Crew

We appreciate the work involved when flying to Zurich so allow us to make all the
required landing arrangements on your behalf and let us help relieve some of the
unnecessary strain.

With our concierge service; slots, parking, hotel bookings and catering can be
ordered in advance and you can be assured that everything will be prepared for
your arrival.

Find out more about our ground handling and trust us to take care of your aircraft
while you concentrate on your next destination.

Airside crew facilities

- Snooze area
- Shower room
- Sat TV
- Working space
- Crew briefing area
- Wi-Fi
- Dishwashing facilities
- Wet Ice machine
- Refrigerated storage area
- Refreshments

Landside crew facilities

- Crew room
- Reception
- Wi-Fi
- Working space
- Crew briefing area
- Refreshment center with coffee/tea

For Passengers

Zurich Airport is large and it can be complicated to navigate around. Our attentive staff ensure that passengers are accompanied throughout their transfer so the journey can be completed quickly and efficently.

Regardless of what further travel arrangements have been made, we are committed to getting you to your end destination. We provide safe, trouble-free transfers and concierge services to ensure that passengers are comfortable and stress-free.

We communicate with ground transport services, scheduled airlines and hotels to make your transfer as seamless as possible. We will additionally take care of your private car in your absence.


- Reception desk
- Private lounge with restaurant capabilities
- Conference rooms
- Additional waiting area
- Private car parking areaValet Parking Limousine and taxi booking
- Hotel reservations
- Rental car reservations
- Further services on request


Find out more about the services at Zurich Kloten Airport and in Zurich City Center